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Suppliers and Products


At Mikamedical, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with all their healthcare requirements. This is entirely made possible via our comprehensive local and international procurement experience and our technical expertise of sourcing pharmaceutical products globally and procuring only within our audited network. Mikamedical strives to meet any customer demand, ranging from local market shortages, emergency medical supplies for hospitals and clinics through to bulk wholesale orders of regular orders.

In our warehouses in Angola we maintain the following healthcare and pharmaceutical products on hand:

emergency and trauma
hospital consumables
laboritory consumables


Due to the proximity and competitive pricing of South African suppliers, the majority of our products are sourced in South Africa. We do however make use of suppliers from all over the world in order to ensure that we can offer our clients the widest possible range of products. Mikamedical currently imports products and equipment from Germany, Portugal, Belgium, USA, UK and of course, South Africa. Mikamedical has built valuable partnerships with numerous multinational pharmaceutical manufacturing brands in order to ensure the consistent supply of cost-effective, quality products to our customers.

Mikamedical is proud to represent the following companies in Angola: